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Film blowing knowledge sharing

Blowing film products are divided into single-layer blowing film, multi-layer blowing film, multi-layer three layers, five layers, seven layers, eleven layers, the more layers, the higher the color masterbatch requirements.


1. Dispersion: the film products made of high dispersion color masterbatch have uniform color everywhere, without spots and marks. For ordinary blown film masterbatch, when the film products for 3 layers, uniform color products have no problem, when up to 5 layer products significantly increased the probability of problems, the color of the blown film products distribution uniformity of severely reduced, when up to 7 layers, ordinary blown film masterbatch disadvantages is clearly displayed, you cannot make a good product.

2. Concentration: the thinner the membrane product, the weaker the color master concentration coloring effect, when the color does not meet the requirements, you need to add the amount of color master. Blowing film products can not increase the amount of color masterbatch filling, will have an impact on film products.


3. Coloring ability: toner is not the same, coloring ability is not the same, the higher the coloring power of the toner, the higher the cost. For example, coloring into the same color depth of yellow color, for different quality toner color masterbatch products, the same concentration, the color depth after coloring is different.

4. Compatibility: for blowing film products, the difficulty of multi-layer blowing film itself is quite high. After adding color masterbatch, the physical and chemical properties of the product will be changed, and the compatibility of color masterbatch and plastic raw materials is not good, which will lead to the decline of the performance of raw materials blowing film.

5. Heavy metal content, safety: especially for food packaging film, pharmaceutical packaging film, the need for the product does not contain any heavy metal substances, color masterbatch in all kinds of raw materials must be composite standard.


6. Color stability: film products in the use of the process, light resistance, resistance to migration to meet the use of standards. For blowing film masterbatch products, Zhengzhou Jindongyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has a multi-layer blowing film masterbatch application case, you can take a look, multi-layer film extrusion, different layers of film products thickness is not the same.

Post time: Aug-17-2022