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What base material is used for color masterbatch?

There are general and specified base materials for color masterbatch. The base material should have good workability and thermal stability. Common base material PE and EVA with more, also useful PP and PVC; ABS masterbatch should be body; SAN seldom uses ontologies and has high cost. Wax without carrier; If you do chemical fiber master, there is no general base material, need to use the specified base material, other base material will have a great impact on the strength of the silk.


The advantage of universal masterbatch is easy to use, but its disadvantage is that the scope of “universal” is very narrow, technical indicators, economic benefits are also poor, specific performance in:

1. Poor predictability of coloring effect. Color master is used for coloring, the pigment of universal color master will show different colors in different plastics, so the coloring effect is poor.

2. Affect other properties of plastic products. Especially the influence strength, the product is easy to deformation, distortion, the influence on engineering plastics is more obvious.

3. Relatively high cost. General master color in order to be “general”, often choose higher heat resistant grade pigment, resulting in waste.


4. From the performance point of view of the product, it is best to do what material with the same material as the base material, so good compatibility, but each manufacturer can not do their own color masterbatch, that is also very troublesome. So generally want to see how to performance requirements, requirements are high with the same base material, requirements are not high can use general base material.


Post time: Aug-17-2022