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PET masterbatch

Master batch is mainly composed of colorant, dispersant, surfactant and other preparations mixed into a high concentration of colored dyes, functional master batch also added such as light stabilizer, antistatic agent and other additives to reconcile, these functional master batch by people’s warm welcome, among them, PET master batch with its high strength flame retardant function appeared in front of people’s eyes, Modern people’s awareness of fire prevention is more and more strong, people are more and more favor to fire-proof items, PET masterbatch is on the basis of ordinary color masterbatch mixed into a certain amount of fire-proof preparation made of gorgeous color, not easy to burn color masterbatch.


The masterbatch has many advantages, among which it can maintain the chemical stability of pigment and color stability. It has good dispersion in plastics; The health of construction personnel can be guaranteed, the production process is simple and rapid, environmental protection and pollution-free; Reduce cost, save resources, mainly used in fiber, clothing, plastic coloring and so on.


Because the pigment in the process of storage and use of direct contact with the air, so there will be moisture absorption, oxidation, clumping and other phenomena, direct use will appear on the surface of plastic products color spot, color dark, color easy to fade, and cause dust flying when mixing, affecting the health of the operator. And the color master batch in the production process through mechanical processing, the pigment was refined, the pigment and resin carrier, dispersant full mixing, color master make the pigment and air, water isolation, thus enhancing the pigment weather resistance, improve the pigment dispersion and coloring power, color bright. Due to the similar shape of the color masterbatch and resin particles, it is more convenient and accurate in measurement. When mixing, it will not adhere to the container, so it saves the time of cleaning the container and the machine as well as the raw materials used in cleaning the machine. The flame retarding effect of PET masterbatch is favored by people, and this kind of masterbatch should be applied to a wider range of industries and benefit more people.


Post time: Mar-17-2023